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Monday, August 6th 2012

4:11 AM

Bi teen sex


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From: Amy Redek
Subject: Chasing a Shadow. Chapter Four. It was early evening on the Saturday when Janet Ball had done her
shopping and was waiting at teen porn show the bus stop when Patrick came behind in the
queue, carrying his bag and also an umbrella. It looked like an accident as
the tip of this umbrella caught Janet's bunny teen porn
bag of groceries and tore the bag
so the contents fell to the pavement. `Oh I do beg your pardon,' he made out it was a stutter as he knelt down
with her to try and gather up what had been spilled out. `Let me help you,'
he said. `My bag's half empty and began to put some of her things in along
with his camera and porn blond teen tripod. She started to speak to him about this but made
the mistake of looking directly into his eyes and from that point, she was
lost. She even helped him put things in herself and those small things that
wouldn't fit, they put into their pockets just in time before their bus
came along and stopped. He gave her his arm to help her on the bus and went
along behind her and sat down next to her. `I'll come home with you and let you have it all back,' he smiled as
they had settled themselves down for the few stops they had to go. He made
small talk as they travelled along to teen adult porn
where they got off and he walked
beside her till they reached the flats where she lived. It was on the first
floor and they were soon inside when he was then able to take her things
from his bag and pockets while she emptied her pockets. She then took her
coat off and draped it over a chair as he set his bag down on the table and
pulled her towards him. `Kiss me Janet,' he said as she came into his arms and offered her face
up to his for the kiss that he gave her. It was a long passionate one that
made her melt into his arms and holding her in a tight embrace, walked her
through to her bedroom where he kissed her again as he began to take her
clothes off. bi teen sex The blouse was soon off and his hands round her back, unclipped her bra,
letting it fall to the floor with the blouse and bent down and kissed and
sucked on each nipple, raising them up to hard little nuts. The skirt was
quickly released and as it fell down, he went down and buried his nose into
her muff to take in her smell as he pulled down her panties. She wasn't
wearing stockings and her shoes came off as her pushed her to the bed where
she fell onto her back. She didn't stop him from opening her legs and putting his head in
between her thighs, but gave out a quiver and a gasp at the first touch of
his questing tongue. black teen porn xxx
This excited her beyond measure and gave him porn blond teen
a big
smile when he got the camera out of his bag and took his first picture of
her, smiling up at him. The next was of her lying there, half on the bed with her legs open to
show what she had there for him. He quickly took his clothes off and with
his erection bouncing about, set up the tripod and fixed the camera to it
and made sure it was at the right height before pulling her back off the
bed and onto her knees in front of it. With the remote in his hand, he watched himself move into the position
where his cock he could see in the viewfinder and told her to take it into
her mouth. He couldn't help but gasp at the heat that surrounded the
exposed head of his cock as her lips pushed the foreskin right back as she
ran her tongue round it. With her face in the perfect position and his cock
half in her mouth, he triggered the remote and took the picture of her
mouthing him. hot teen porn galleries
illegal teen pussy He let her use her mouth and tongue for a few minutes before pulling
himself out and told her to get on the bed and up onto her knees. This she
did as he got the angle right of her in this position before getting onto
the bed behind her. She was wet and ready for him as he slowly inserted his cock into the
waiting pussy and gave her a few in and hot teens ass
out movements, loving the feel of
her vaginal muscles trying to grip him. He got her to move her arms further
forward so that he could see her tits in the viewfinder with him behind and
his cock halfway inside her before he took the picture. Then it was into
the mode of fucking her, which he did and brought her up and into an
orgasm. She shook and shuddered as she came, triggering him off to send his
seed up into her womb. Unlike a few of the women he had fucked over the
past, he did impregnate her with this one coupling, though with a few of
the others, he'd had to go back for another session. Having successfully again, hindoe teen porn of having fucked a woman without her later
knowing this, he hentai teen titan porn pulled out and let her suck on his still nude young teen
hard erection
until she vacuumed up the last of his sperm before licking him clean. `Mmmm, that was lovely Patrick,' she said, moving up to nestle in his
arms. `You were wonderful Janet. We must do this again sometime. What work do
you do?' he asked, knowing full well her job. `The job that most people hate,' she giggled. `Well motorists
anyway. I'm a traffic warden.' `You must earn good money what with bonuses you get with the more
tickets you give out,' he said. `Not really what teen girls porn cum with them keep putting the quotas up.' `I bet you've still got quite a sizeable bank account though in spite of
that. How much have you got?' he asked. `A few thousand,' she replied. `Could you spare a few hundred for the charity I represent?' and went on
to tell her what is was and of the people it helped. She said she would and
so he made her get up and they both went through to the sitting room where
her bag was and she got out her cheque book and filled out a cheque for six
hundred pounds, made payable to Cash. Like the others, she had to only put
the amount and write donation on the cheque book stub, no date. On taking the cheque, he kissed her and went on back to the bedroom and
got dressed, her not seeing him slip photo numbered forty five into one of
the dresser drawers. She was a bit miffed that he wouldn't be staying and
had to accept the excuse that he gave her. He was quite pleased with porn free teen slut not only having fucked her and adding her to
his collection, but with the fact of being paid for it, the cheque he
cashed the following morning.* On leaving Judy Sharpe's house, teen home porn
Darren drove round to Brian and Ronald's
flat. `This is a nice surprise,' Brian said. `No Ray?' he asked, looking over
Darren's shoulder. `No I'm afraid. This is more of a business call you might say,' as he
went inside freen teen porn
where, after the door was closed, Brian gave him a kiss on the
lips. Which still looked a normal thing to do for Brian was hot teen porn galleries dressed up in a
female dress and really looked the part. `Ronald's not here either. Come and have a drink,' he said, pulling him
into the sitting room and made him sit down as Brian went and poured out
two drinks. `Now what's this about you coming round saying it's business? I
thought you might have come knowing that Ronald's not here, so I hope it's
about sex,' he said sitting down next to Darren, making sure that his thigh
was pressed up close to that of Darren's. `Well first, I didn't know nude teen gtrls porn
that Ronald wouldn't be at home and secondly,
it could be about sex,' he said, but added hastily, `it's about that
picture I saw at your party. The one of a man's shadow showing his
erection.' `I do like a man's erect penis,' Brian simpered, giving Darren's upper
thigh a stroke with his manicured fingers. `That's why I kept the
picture. So let's get the business side out of the way and then we can talk
about sex,' his hand now in between Darren's legs and pressing it up
against his groin. `Around the time you found the photo,' Darren began, trying to ignore
Brian's questing fingers. `Did you make out a cheque in the form of a
donation?' `The only donation I'm interested in is the sperm you can give to me,'
Brian replied. `Please Brian!' he said, pushing the hand away. `As you said, let's get
the business side out of the way and then I'll be glad to give you one.' `Oooh, you lovely man. Now what was the question again?' `Did you or did you not at around the time you found the picture, make a
donation whatever by way of a cheque?' Darren asked with an exasperated
expression on his face. `I can't remember that far back! It was over eighteen months ago. I can
hardly remember what happened last week let alone that far back, unless it
was something to do with a man's cock. Now that I would remember. There
was...' `Brian! For Christ's sake! Do you still have the cheque book stubs of
about that time?' Darren asked. `No. Once I've checked them against my bank statement, I throw them
away,' was the answer. `Do you still have the bank statements then?' Darren asked. `Oh yes. I don't throw them away,' was the answer. `Could you get them out and check for me?' Darren sighed. It's like
getting blood from a stone, he thought. Brian passed him his glass and got
up and went to a cupboard and pulled out a file and took it back to the
sofa and sat down. `Let's see,' he said as he riffled back through the pages. `About
eighteen months. That would put it about...Ah! Here it is,' and ran his
finger down the column. `Oh yes. I remember now, look! Three hundred
pounds. That was it!' Darren passed Brian back his glass, quite pleased that this was another
point in his favour as he got out his note book and jotted down the date it
was cashed. Now all he had to do was see Judy Sharpe again to see if she
still had her bank statements. This he did the following evening and got
the date that her cheque was cashed. So he now had two solid facts. Two identical photos with two different
people receiving them and both had made a donation to an unspecified
charity, and given the dates, assumed that whoever had cashed these cheques
got them within a day or two before being actually cashed. He was quite excited teen sluts with Brian coming up with the bank statement and
Brian, putting the file away, returned to the sofa and immediately got
Darren's trouser zip down and pulled out his cock and began to suck on
him. He was almost oblivious to Brian's mouth and tongue movements,
thinking that he might possibly have a good story here, that he was able to
have Brian sucking and tonguing him longer than would be normal before
coming with quite a quantity of sperm for Brian to avidly swallow and lick
him clean afterwards. `You do taste rather nice,' Brian said, licking his lips after he'd
finished, his eyes shining as he got up from the floor and sat down beside
Darren. `Would you see to me now?' he asked, rubbing the front of his
dress, his erection clearly pushing the front up. Darren gave out a sigh
and knew that he would have to seeing as Brian had seen to him. He slid of
the sofa and got between Brian's open legs as the dress was pulled up to
reveal that he was wearing stockings but no panties. The head of his cock
an almost bright red in colour with the blood that was pulsating through
it. Darren took hold of the shaft and felt the heat as well as Brian's heart
beat being transmitted through it as he pulled the foreskin right back and
took the head of this cock into his mouth. Brian gave out a big sigh as he
felt Darren's tongue sweep over and round the head, making him give out a
shiver, especially when the teeth rasped the bare flesh. `You're a lovely cock sucker Darren,' he sighed, his head thrown back
and his burma teen porn eyes closed. `If you ever pack up with Ray, think of me before you
go with anyone else,' and then gave out a gurgle and his hands came up to
hold Darren's head as he began to buck and lift his thighs as he came. Darren kept his lips tight just under the head as Brian's seed filled
his mouth in five bursts, waiting till he eased himself back down on the
sofa before swallowing the out pouring from the head of the cock that he
really quite enjoyed sucking on. He licked the head clean before getting up
from the floor as Brian stood up and took Darren into his arms and kissed
him. `That was lovely Darren. Now don't forget porn gay teen what I said and come round any
time when Ronald's not here and we can then have a fuck illegal teen pussy on the bed.' `I'll look forward to that,' he replied, giving Brian one more kiss
before moving out of the embrace. Though his thoughts were thinking more of
this shadow than the fucking of Brian at a later date. It was a quick kiss
before he said his goodbye and left to go back home to where, no doubt, Ray
was preparing his dinner.* Patrick was now checking up on Gladys Turnbull, a dental receptionist
who had been the recipient of picture number thirty nine. This was because
she hadn't shown any tendency to being pregnant and so he would have to
speak to her again and make sure that she stopped taking birth control
pills before he had teen girls porn cum her again.* It was on the Monday that Darren bi teen sex had a chance to pursue his quest for
the shadow. He was at his desk in the newspaper offices when the editor
stopped by. `Darren. Pull up page twenty three,' he asked. This would be the lay-out
on the computers for the next paper issue. This he did and the editor
pointed out to a blank space on this page. `Find something to fill it.'
With that, he left hot ebony teen porn him to his thoughts. They being that he could now do something and noting how much space
there was, yong teen gay porn knew that he could get what he wanted to say within the
parameter set. He put his screen up to a blank page and began to write his piece. He
titled it, "Chasing A Shadow", putting his name below this headline. He
paused for a minute to get the wording right before typing what he was
asking for from the readers. "A few days ago, I came across two people who had found in their
possession, an identical photo of a man's shadow, naked. Both pictures had a number written on the back. They also, it was found,
that both of these people had made out a cheque to some unknown charity,
the stub only saying that it was a donation, no date. Now neither of these
two recollect ever writing this cheque or knowing exactly when this picture
was left in their home. black teen porn xxx Now if any reader of this has also found one such photo in their
possession and have written out a donating cheque but cannot recall the
whys and wherefores of either, please let me know of this. All letters will
be treated with respect and in confidence." He would have liked to add more but what he'd written just filled the
space nicely. He then sent this copy to teen titian porn pictures the sub-editors computer, saying
that was what the editor wanted as the filler for page twenty three. The wording of this implied that the editor had approved it, so it was
duly inserted into the reality porn teen space and was printed along with everything else for
the following days printing. The paper went out and on that afternoon, the editor sent for Darren. `What the hell is this?' he shouted at him, throwing the paper at him,
turned to page twenty three. `I didn't approve this!' Darren had then to go
through his story of the finding out of the photos and felt that there was
a story in this. The editor grudgingly agreed that there might be, but if
he wanted to put anything else in the paper about this chasing of a shadow,
he would have to approve it first. Darren left, somewhat chastened, and hoped that there would be a
response, and fretted for the rest of the day at his desk that there would
be.* `What's the matter with you?' Ray asked him in bed that night, stroking
Darren's limp dick. `All I'm getting from you is a wham bam thank you
ma-am, and half hearted at that. There's was no feeling behind it when you
were fucking me. What's up? I hope it's not that bitch Brian? She's been
after you for ages.' `No, I'm sorry Ray. It's just that I keep on thinking about that picture
you've got of that naked shadow. I went and got a piece into the paper
today and I'm hoping, no sweating, that I'll teen pee porn
get some response to it. I
went out on a limb with it and the editor wasn't too pleased with what I
did, so it depends on me getting some response or I could be in the shit.' `Well let's see if we can get some response from this little bugger
then,' Ray said as he moved down the bed and took Darren's limp prick into
his mouth and began to suck on him. This brought up to Darren's mind, the sight of Brian's head bobbing up
and down on him and knew that he wouldn't trade Ray for he gave much better
head than Brian would ever be able to achieve. Darren sighed and gently ran
his fingers through Ray's hair as he was being seen to and soon began to
buck his hips slightly as he started teen hairy pussy
to come into that lovely mouth of Ray. After being licked clean, he pushed Ray over onto his back and took Ray's
throbbing cock into his mouth and returned the pleasure that he'd received.* Darren was at his desk the next day when he saw Mavis Wells come into
the office. She had been working in the pay office but was now on maternity
leave and he yong teen gay porn wondered what she was doing in the office. She saw him looking
at her as she came hot teens ass over to his desk and smiled at him. `Hello Mavis. What are you doing here? How's the baby?' he asked of her. `She's fine. I've left her with my mother for a while for I had to come
and see you,' she said, pulling a vacant chair over and sitting down next
to him. `Me? Why?' he asked. `It's about that piece you wrote. Chasing a shadow,' she said. This made Darren sit up. `Well...I...I've got one,' she said, looking down at the handbag on her
lap. `With you?' he asked, now sitting forward and looking at her, aware that
she was fidgeting a little and noticed for the first time that she didn't
have a wedding ring on. This he would recall later as he watched her fumble
inside her bag and pulled out a creased photo and passed it to him. It was
definitely the same as the others he'd seen, the shadow of a male with an
erection. He turned it over and saw the number thirty two on the
back. Eureka! He mentally cried. `When did you get this, or rather, find it, and where?' he asked,
feeling butterflies starting to move around in his stomach at getting this
first response to his article. `About a year ago,' she said, her face going slightly red. `I found it
in my lingerie drawer, three months before I knew I was pregnant. I've also
still got my cheque book here,' she said as she brought this out of her bag
and passed it over to him. `The second stub,' she said and Darren turned to
this and saw that it was blank. He turned to the first stub and saw that it
had been filled in and then to the third which was the same. He checked
again and saw that the dates were about eight weeks apart. He also flipped
through the remaining cheques to find three not used yet. `Mavis. Could you cancel these three cheques and let me keep the book
and the photo?' he asked softly. `You can soon get another book at your
bank.' `Y...yes,' she stammered. `If you want.' `There's one other question I'd like to ask you,' he said as he took up
her left hand and turned it palm downwards. `It's a rather delicate
question but I've got to know to try and get the right picture.' She gave a
nod of her head. `I see that you're not got a wedding ring on. Are you married?' She blushed and dropped her head, giving it a shake. `Do you know who is the father of your baby?' and waited with bated
breath for her answer. `No,' she whispered, her head still down. `One more question Mavis. Do you recall having sex with a male around
the time you conceived your baby?' `No,' she whispered again. `I...I haven't had a...a relationship with a
man for nearly two years now.' Now the light was beginning to dawn on Darren in respect of these
photos, but couldn't reason yong teen gay porn why a male should finish up with one, unless
the shadow was bi-sexual and this was his calling card. That made
sense. But how was he able to have sex with either sex without them knowing
and knew the answer as his nude teen gtrls porn mind formed the question. Hypnotism. It was the
only explanation he could come up with, which would also account for the
people not remembering the signing of cheques. It was going to be difficult
to back track over a year, especially when she had no recollection of
signing this cheque. `Mavis,' he said, getting an idea of getting the date, well very
close. `Mavis. Can I come with you to the bank and get them to check the
date the cheque was cashed?' This she agreed to. So he let her hang onto her cheque book and went with her to her
bank. Here, after getting to speak to the assistant manager, he was able to
get that date and find out that it had been made out to cash. She,
meanwhile, got a new cheque book and cancelled the remaining three and gave
over the book to Darren. He thanked her and went back to his desk bi teen sex at the
newspaper office. There he found that he had two e-mails and one letter. All three had
found such a photo in amongst clothing in their homes, one from a male and
the other two from women. One of the women had thrown hers away because
she'd been disgusted to find it. The other high scool teen porn two still had yong teen gay porn
theirs. He answered all three and requested if it was possible for him to visit
them to talk about this, and after sending these off, went and saw his
editor. `I'm pretty sure that I'm onto something Mr. Murray,' he said, passing
over the two photos he had plus the letter and e-mails. `There is another
picture I've seen but not got hold of it yet.' He went on to explain about
the numbers on the back and that all had written out a donating cheque but
having no recollection of having done free teen brazil porn
so, nor the date or the amounts. `Hmm,' bunny teen porn was all he got at first from his editor as he looked at both
sides of the photos and read the other pieces of paper. `Can I follow up on this?' he asked in an almost pleading tone. `I suppose you can on these three, but if nothing else comes in, we'll
drop it.' This was a blow for Darren and he now fervently wished that some
more would come in, and very soon.* Meanwhile, Patrick Turner had made contact with Gladys Turnbull and had
got her under his spell and told her to stop taking the pill. He had
surmised near the beginning that his hypnotic effect wore off when the
subject had been to sleep and now hoped that she would refrain from taking
these pills when she was once again awake. Anyway, he would still be having
her after letting two weeks go by, hoping that she didn't have sex
beforehand. He had chuckled when he had got round to reading teen tits the local paper with
the small piece written by Darren Smith, knowing that he wasn't going to
get what he was doing was fool proof and there was no way they would find
him this way. Also, he mused, it might be worthwhile to look over this
Darren Smith and see where the chink in his armour lay.*

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